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2021 Strider of the Year

Diane Jannetti | Published on 3/27/2022

Louise Cummings - 2021 SOTY

To me, a SOTY is everywhere - not just in 2021, but for several years. Volunteering his/her time at MVS events. Volunteering on MVS committees. Participating in SIRS races - including marathons Participating in pub runs, hosted runs, and track. Additionally, to me, a SOTY is someone who makes me proud to be a member of MVS. Someone who encourages fellow MVSers. Someone who makes the club exciting for its members.

These past 2 years have been tough for a running club. Due to the pandemic, we didn’t run together as a club. There were very few hosted runs. There were a limited number of pub runs. Our General Meetings were mostly on Zoom. The Super Iron Runner Series races were all virtual. Yet something got lots of members excited about running the streets of the Merrimack Valley in a MVS uniform.

The 2020 top tier SIRS runners received a beautiful Patagonia 1/4 zip. And we all know a good thing when we see it! So what happened? The number of top tier recipients for 2021 was 52, which is pretty amazing given that we really needed to be self motivated to get out there and run! Making this happen - getting the Patagonia tops - wasn’t easy. Getting so many tops in 1 style and 1 color that covers womens and mens, in assorted sizes is like playing Whack A Mole in the Patagonia website.

Yet Louise Cummings made it happen. She scoured their website until she could find 1 item in 1 color that was available in every size for men and women, with enough quantity to meet our needs. Then she quickly keyed in the order to make sure she didn’t get the dreaded ‘Sorry we’re out of stock’ message. Side note - this is why, when asked to submit your size, it needs to be done immediately, please.

In addition to this big win for MVS, Louise is involved in many other ways - on committees and participating in lots of activities. - She is in charge of Hosted Runs and she hosted a poolside hosted run this summer. - Louise is on the scholarship committee which is a challenging task for all of its members. - She is an active member of Ops and Dev and Finance. - You can find Louise at Track - And pub runs, including after the run because she stays for dinner, to catch up with friends. And have a Coke Zero. - She has been a top tier SIRs participant for as long as I’ve known her. - She volunteered for multiple Feaster Five expo shifts as well as the ever popular opportunity to stand in the freezing cold in order to yell at drivers, before heading out to run the Feaster Five.

- And 1 final thing to show her level of commitment to MVS. One Saturday in June Louise crushed a triathlon south of Boston, hopped in the car, and drove to NH so that she could be a MVS volunteer bright and early Sunday morning at the Mount Washington Road Race. She just couldn’t pass up an opportunity to yell at drivers once again.

Congratulations, Louise, and thank you for all that you do for MVS!