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2021 Stachey's Pub Run Series

Wendy Crink Madden  | Published on 4/25/2021

April Showers bring....PUB RUNS, Zombies, Sporting Events, Weird Amazon Purchases, and...DONUTS!!!

The six-week Spring edition of the Thursday Pub Runs continued through the month of April after its roll-out in March.  Weekly our members “got together” and ran/walked/hiked distances of their choice, posted a selfie (often in their MVS gear - hey, gotta get that extra entry into the raffle!), and answered the Question of the Week.

The QoWs are a fun way to get to know other Striders and, according to Terry Days who commented, “I can’t believe how much I am thinking about this question…” , quite a lot of thought goes into these answers.   So, find out her answer in the bank of answers from the last four weeks of “THE QoW”!!!!

April 1 QoW:  If there was a Zombie Apocalypse tomorrow what is the first thing you would do?  

Lisa Maciel :  “...also wrap my arms and legs in duct tape (TWD season 3)”

Jessica Valkenburg: “close the blinds, watch Netflix, eat burgers, drink beer, and cross her fingers!” (all done in emojis :)

Terry Days: “Right now I can’t believe how much I am thinking about this question so I guess I would probably panic and do nothing!”

WINNER of April 1st Raffle:  LIZ MACIVER  (total of 35 runners)

April 8 QoW:  What is your favorite sporting event to attend and why?

Lam Tien:  Red Sox at Fenway!  (Lam’s response was stated by many for various nostalgic reasons)

Chrissy Lippman: “Anything that my kids are participating in” (also a favorite of many)

Carolyn Burt: “US Olympic Equestrian Cross Country Trials” for this equestrienne!

WINNER of April 8th Raffle:  SUSHIL MOTWANI  (total of 36 runners)

April 15 Qow:  What has been your funniest on-line purchase?

Shushil Motwani:  “Workout shorts that don’t stay in place!  I must hold them so they don’t fall off!”  (maybe we need some MVS scivvies to stay in uniform compliance on a SIRS run. Just sayin’).

Nadine Johnson:  “new cookie sheets” (not so funny a purchase until you find out she ruined her old ones in a  “virtual” cooking class!!)

Valerie Giles:  Elvis sunglasses and sideburns!  She and Josh are “stylin’” now! (*see this week’s closing thought)

WINNER of April 15th Raffle: CAROLYN BURT (total of 30 runners)

April 22 QoW:  A photo of a variety of donuts was posted asking “which three donuts would you save?” 

After a non-scientific collection of answers from the posts the following donuts SHALL BE SAVED!




People are passionate about their donuts, so no worries for the other donuts that they will be banned from earth.  Among other favorites were “anything chocolate”, apple fritters, blueberry, and a few votes for maple bar and bear claws.  Happy eating!

WINNER of April 22nd Raffle:  LOUISE CUMMINGS (total of 36 runners)

Congratulations and thanks to all participants and a big Thank You to Shane and Amanda.

Check photos here: 2021 Stachey's Pub Runs.