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Ways to keep your running resolutions intact this year

Stephanie Guyotte | Published on 1/24/2021

Make a Goal and Stick It – Ways to keep your running resolutions intact this year

While 2021 still looks blurry – who knows if we’ll be attending any in person races in Massachusetts – this is still a great time to set running goals and map out a plan for a successful year.

We asked MVSers to share some of their resolutions for 2021. Goals included increased mileage, first marathons, “another” marathon, adding strength training, losing weight, and attending their first MVS meeting (we better see you Wednesday, Mary B!). Caitlin L shared that she hopes to write more in her running journal – to be able to look back at workouts and races over the year. Brigid R has her sights set on a “real” training plan with hill repeats (we can help you with that, Brigid, keep reading). Robin C is going to torture her running bubble with some core strengthening. Mark S aims to run the Ghost Train 30 miler in under 9 hours!

So, you have some goals in mind, what do you do now? Thankfully, MVS Track Coach Sharon Johnson is here to help. She offers some vital tips to make and stick to your 2021 running goals:

    • Pick a start date and a target end date to accomplish your goal

    • Set realistic and specific goals: Don’t just aim for a marathon – pick a marathon and set the date, and commit to training

    • Rest and Recover – all the work you put in is not effective without rest

    • Follow a training plan and check in with yourself weekly. Are you hitting the targets, is it too much or too little? There are training plans available for all levels and abilities including the B.A.A. marathon training plan , MacMillian running, and many more

    • Add strength, mobility and speed workouts – Varying your workouts will make you stronger. A great place to start is Coach Sharon's 12-week Feaster Five conditioning series, available now for MVSers.

    • Don’t be too hard on yourself – It’s ok if you miss a workout; move on to the next one. Don’t risk injury by stacking workouts. Listen to your body and take time off if you need it.

    • Enjoy the Journey – Workout/run safely with friends, check in with each other online, track your progress and look forward to the training.

Need more?

Coach Sharon has also created the 2021 Coaches’ Winter Challenge. The Challenge involves a set of 4 workouts to be completed now through April 1. It’s at your own pace, but each workout set will challenge you with different distances, speed work and hill repeats.  Click here  to read more and join the MVS Coaches Challenge Facebook group to share programs and connect with others.