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The Big Surreal Virtual Challenge

Robin Condon  | Published on 9/27/2020
Have you ever dreamed of running a 5K, 12K, 11-Miler, 21-Miler and a Marathon ALL in one month? Yeah, me neither! I'm guessing either these Striders lost a bet or had that dream!

Louise and Diane
John and Diane


The time frame of these 5 virtual races was the month of September, however, because of the poor air quality in California due to the wild fires, the challenge has been extended until the end of October.  Sadly, registration is closed. Darn!

All kidding aside (Jack and Diane by John Cougar Melloncamp playing in your head) "A little ditty 'bout John, Louise, Maura and Diane. 4 Andover kids are runnin' all cross the land."

OK OK Seriously, for Diane and John that's at lease 68.76 miles in 11-12 days!

Diane thought one of the funniest things about this race was that the swag gets less enticing the longer the race. Everyone receives a shirt and a medal if they are signed up for the 5K, socks for the 12K, a pint glass for the 11-Miler, a buff for the 1/2 marathon and a tote bag for the marathon. Well, Diane, not every race gives one of these babies 

 Feaster Five Medal 2020
Diane ran her 5K with a broken toe  and finished with her marathon on day 11. John, Louise and Maura all completed their marathons on day 12.  John also completed his challenge on day 12. Louise finished on day 20 with her 21 miler. Maura finished day 26 with her 21-miler.

Way to go Striders!!!!