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2020 Pub Run Series

Amanda Smith  | Published on 9/27/2020

Virtual Pub Run 2020

The Pub Run Committee would like to thank everyone for their participation this summer.  We really enjoyed having you all join us virtually and we loved seeing everyone's posts including  runs, selfies and answers to the QoW.  We hope you have some great new running routes, equipment, recipes, breakfast and dinner ideas and restaurants to try.  This experience truly made us feel connected from afar.

Are you interested in our stats?! Below is a recap of our runners by week.  Week 9 was our highest week with 64 MVS runners.
Week 1: 53
Week 2: 45
Week 3: 48
Week 4: 55
Week 5: 55
Week 6: 62
Week 7: 63
Week 8: 43
Week 9: 64
Week 10: 49
Week 11: 48
Week 12: 42
Week 13: 41

Additionally, we are happy to announce our #committedclub.  If you have been paying attention to our weekly hashtags there were a handful of MVS members who posted every week during our 13 week series.  Those amazing members include: Loren Blake, Marsha Fielder, Diane Jannetti, Liz MacIver, Mike Madden, Wendy Madden, Amanda Smith, Shane Smith, Maura Szendey, Lam Tien, and Kevin Yetman.  Congratulations to the #committedclub on all of your hard work and dedication this Pub Run season. 

Please make sure you attend the MVS Monthly Meeting on Wednesday, September 30th for a special surprise!  Will you see the wheel one more time?! 

Finally, we have a few fun pictorial superlatives that hopefully give you a good chuckle!

Best Running Duo: Mike and Wendy Madden
Best Action Shot: Lisa Wiswall Maciel
Best "Hair" Transformation: John Jannetti 
Best Weekly Collage: Crissy Licciardello Lippman
Selfie Queen: Kerri-Jo Webber Henry 

Mike and Wendy Madden
Lisa Maciel
John Jannetti - Before
John Jannetti - After

Kerri-Jo Webber Henry

Air hugs, high fives and lots of love!
Amanda and Shane Smith