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2020 Feaster Five Family

Stephanie Guyotte  | Published on 9/27/2020

Thanksgiving Traditions

By Stephanie Guyotte

Running on Thanksgiving is just as much part of tradition as turkey and stuffing. And especially for MVSers, the connection to the best Thanksgiving Day road race runs deep.  For us, the Feaster Five is not just a road race for which you get up early Thanksgiving morning.  It starts with months of planning, includes a full week of volunteering at the expo, and lots and lots of pies.

For me personally, on race day, I love the solitude of waking up early, having a quick cup of coffee and peanut butter toast and heading to Andover for the race.  Before I joined MVS, I went to the Feaster Five by myself.  I parked, walked from Doctor’s Park to the start, listened the National Anthem and welcome remarks, and off I went. 

As my Feaster Five experience evolved – my boys now do the kids race and I head down even earlier for a morning volunteer shift, gathering at the start with any number of MVS friends – there’s something so comforting about running with thousands of people on a cool (or sometimes downright frigid) November day in New England.

So here comes 2020.  The year where everything is different.  We already know our traditional experience is on hold.  But that doesn’t have to change our routines.

I’ll still get up early Thanksgiving morning.  We’ll set up a kids distance for my boys to run in the neighborhood.  And I’ll go off by myself or maybe with a few of my strider friends.  We’ll track our results on the Active app, wear the cool swag and definitely take a picture with the amazing medals.

As MVSers, the Feaster Five is in our DNA.  And I encourage you to keep that spirit alive in 2020.

If you haven’t yet, go register for the virtual event.  You have lots of options – including the Feaster Challenge (which is limited to 1,000 participants, so don’t miss out).  But don’t stop there.  Sign up your family.  Create a team among your friends and coworkers. You can also get a $5 discount joining the MVS team!

Once you register, share your registration on social media. Make sure you are following the Feaster Five and please like, comment and share our posts.  Active in another running group? Encourage them to do the Feaster Five Virtual Event and create a team.

Be an active participant in Coach Sharon’s training program and the virtual couch to 5K.  Find someone who has never done the Feaster Five (maybe they live out of state?) and encourage them to sign up.

Our engagement will be different this year, but our commitment and enthusiasm is the same.

Click on the medal to register and the jacket to see even more limited edition swag

Stephanie Guyotte is a member of the Feaster Five marketing committee.