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The Merrimack Valley Striders is a running club that was founded in 1979 with the mission to encourage and enhance running at all levels



Welcome to Merrimack Valley Striders

Merrimack Valley Striders was founded in 1979 with the mission to encourage and enhance running at all levels.  Every member of MVS is respected as an athlete: whether young or old, capable of winning races or further back in the pack, seasoned marathoner, or a member who is simply seeking to improve his or her health. Though we were founded in the Merrimack Valley of Massachusetts -- north of Boston, south of New Hampshire – we have grown and our reach touches runners as far away as Florida and California.

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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

MVS Activities for 2017 Boston Marathon

Merrimack Valley Striders have always encouraged Boston Marathon participation by providing enabling programs.  MVS includes time-waived Boston Marathon entries, Coaching programs, and weekly hosted runs to prepare the runners. 

We also provide assistance and encouragement to runners and volunteers with transportation to the starting line, and celebration of successful training for and completion of the Boston Marathon.

Get more details about this year's Bus to Boston, Pre-Marathon Pasta meal, and Post Marathon Party at the link below.

Boston Marathon Events

MVS Runners Going to Hopkinton

The Boston Marathon Numbers committee pored over the many requests for a time-waived entry to the 2017 Boston Marathon.  After many tough decisions, the committee has selected the following MVS runners to receive bibs for this year's Boston Marathon.

Jess Avila

Carol Blanchard

Andy Cummings

Jen Curro

Kathleen Countey-Haddock

Norma Defusco-King

Maureen Garvey

Carolann Hynes

Sharon Johnson

Jim Laprel

Kevin McCarthy

Dawn Mickee

Lana Popova

Chad Pelletier

Katie Siwicki

Tara Stuart

Kelly Yannalfo

Bernie Zelitch

Congratulations to these eager recipients.  Good luck with your training.  We'll see you at the starting line!

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