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MVS Mill Cities Relay Teams Wanted!


After a pause in 2020, the Mill Cities Relay is back on for the first Sunday in December, 12/5/2021.  The relay race is open to only club members that belong to invited running clubs local to the Merrimack River.    

Please note there is a COVID-19 vaccination or test requirement for all participants.  Race details can be found at


 Assemble your team and fill-out the on-line application form.  On-line entry closes at 5:00 PM on Friday November 26 – no entries will be accepted after this date. THERE IS NO RACE DAY REGISTRATION.   All team members must be paid members of MVS. To register you will need a password (see section below.) Contact Will Meredith ( or Maura Szendey if you need assistance.


OR, if you’re looking for a team or team members, post a notice on the MVS Facebook page.  Also, find a teammate on this list: (coming soon)



Can’t run?


Be part of the fun and volunteer at Exchange Point #4 at the Griffin Industrial Park in Methuen. MVS is responsible all activities at this exchange point including the traffic control and timing. We need your help. For information or to volunteer contact Will Meredith.


For more information, see the Mill Cities web site or contact Will Meredith.

Mill Cities Relay Details:

  • What: a 27 mile 1 morning relay from Nashua to Lawrence
  • When: Sunday December 5, 2021 at 8AM (after a 1 year hiatus)
  • Who: Any registered member of MVS to participate in one of 2 ways
    • Form a team to run the relay
    • Volunteer at Exchange 4
  •  How many on a team:
    • Full Relay Team:
      • 5 runners, each doing one leg –
      • team average pace must be 11 minutes or faster
    •  Sunshine Start Team: 3 legs starting at 8:45 for:
      • Runners with a slower than 11 minute pace
      • Female 60+, coed 60+, anyone 70+ 
2018 Mill Cities Relay

Relay Registration

Form a team!

How can you join an MVS MCR team?

  • Register at, Registration password is MCR
  • Participation cost: $125/5 person team, $75/3 person team (so $25/person)
  • Pay attention to the ages and genders of your runners – you need to register in the division of your youngest runner.
    • Co-ed teams are defined as at least 2 females – less than that is a male team.
    • Female teams must be all female,


  • Checks made payable to (1 check/team): Will Meredith - no payment, no team bibs
Registration Deadline:
  • Registration deadline is November 26th – less than a month away!
Other Information:
  • Team bib pick up info to follow   Rosters can be changed until December 3rd.


We manage check point 4 and the 11:15 Sunset Start (leg 5 for all teams whose leg 4 runners haven’t finished yet).  MVS needs to provide 15 volunteers. 

You can run and volunteer!  Pre-arrange to park your car at Checkpoint 1, run leg 1,  and then head to Checkpoint 4 after you run.

Volunteers need to be at Checkpoint 4 by 8:30-9:00 – until about 12:30 (depending on the arrival of the last runner for Leg 4)

Click on the link below to sign up as a volunteer:

MVS MCR Exchange 4 Volunteer